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Jochen MassFuelish - The first community app

As part of the 45th AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, Fuelish launches the first community app for all people with petrol in the blood. From the beginning the app is supported by the racing driver legend Jochen Mass.

Nico Menzel 24 hours of Spa-Francorchamps (B)

Race report (German) by Nico Menzel

Photos 24 hours Spa-Francorchamps 2017

Tom Oster

Tom Oster has been medically cared by us for many years in the national and international motocross.

Nico MenzelBlancpain Endurance Cup:
1000km race at the Circuit Paul Ricard

Race report (German) by Nico Menzel

Photos Circuit Paul Ricard - June 2017

Melanie SchulzADAC Rally Stemweder Berg

In the fifth race (May 23-24) of the German Rally Championship in Lübbecke/ Ostwestfalen the AVIA racing Team Schulz / Beinke took the overall rank eleven and...
more... (German)


Melanie SchulzSachsen Rally

14th place for Melanie Schulz and co-driver Josy Beinke at the rally around Zwickau.
more... (German)


24-hours race
Nürburgring 2017

Photos 24h

Schmickler Performance (right),
HARIBO Racing Team (below left)
and Bentley Team ABT (below right)

Preparation from the Bentley Team ABT to the 24-hours race Nürburgring 2017

Nico MenzelBlancpain Endurance Series:

Race report (German) by Nico Menzel

Photos BES Silverstone 2017

Melanie Schulz3rd round of the German Rally Championship

On the weekend (May 5-6), Melanie Schulz and co-pilot Josefine Beinke started at the ADAC Rally Sulingen.  more... (German)


Schmickler Performance Cayman GT4Schmickler Performance

We care for the new team
Schmickler Performance Cayman GT4
at the ADAC 24h Nürburgring 2017.

The pilots of the team are:
Karsten Krämer, Tatjana Hanser,
Heiko Tönges and Albert Egbert


Schmickler Performance

Nico MenzelBlancpain Endurance Cup Monza

Race report (German) by Nico Menzel

Photos BEC Monza 2017

Christian MenzelBentley Team ABT

ADAC 24h qualification race
(22 – 23 April 2017)

Christian Menzel at the
Bentley Continental GT3

Other drivers for the Bentley Team ABT:
Nico Verdonck and Christopher Brück


Preview by Nico Verdonck

ADAC 24h Nürburgring

Report Eifel-Zeitung

Motobox Kremer Racing / HAAS Racing Motobox Kremer Racing / HAAS Racing

24-hours race in Le Mans
at the Circuit Bugatti in April 2017

Report SPEEDWEEK Endurance WC

Final Ranking

Motobox Kremer Racing

Melanie SchulzADAC Rally Hessen Vogelsberg

Second race for the German Rally Championship: The AVIA racing Team Schulz / Beinke was highly motivated for the challenge...  more... (German)


Alzen RacingVLN

Alzen Racing:
In the second race, the Gold Bear goes to second place.
more... (German)

HARIBO Racing Team

Alzen RacingVLN

Alzen Racing:
The Gold Bear goes to the Top Ten in the Green Hell.
more... (German)

HARIBO Racing Team

Team GetSpeed PerformanceTim Scheerbarth

We medically care for: Tim Scheerbarth
Winner of the last VLN races of his class at the Nürburgring
Team GetSpeed Performance Pilots: Tim Scheerbarth, Alexander Mies, Steve Jans
Vehicle: Porsche 991 GT3 Cup
Victory in the class of the Porsche Carrera Cup vehicles
Overall ranking: 24 of 31 GT3 vehicles

HAAS Racing / Motobox Kremer RacingHAAS Racing / Motobox Kremer Racing

Photos by Georg Haas
Click on a photo to enlarge!

Tests for the 24-hours race in Le Mans
at the Circuit Bugatti

Motobox Kremer Racing

HAAS Racing / Motobox Kremer RacingHAAS Racing / Motobox Kremer Racing

Nico Verdonck, ABT Sportsline and Bentley set their sights on victory in the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring!  more...


Melanie Schulz18. Rally Ulm

Under difficult conditions, the AVIA racing team Melanie Schulz with co-pilot Nicole Holzer completed a successful test run.
more... (German)

Video (mp4/HTML5)


Melanie SchulzADAC Rally Saarland-Pfalz

Melanie Schulz started with her new co-pilot Josefine Beinke in the new rally season 2017 at the ADAC Rally Saarland-Pfalz.
more... (German)


Motobox Kremer RacingMotobox Kremer Racing

Motobox Kremer Racing:
German-French Cooperation
Report SPEEDWEEK Endurance WC

Nico MenzelBathurst 12h Race 2017

Race report (German) by Nico Menzel

Photos Bathurst 2017

Preview (German) by Nico Menzel

Melanie SchulzMelanie Schulz
FIA Women in Motorsport 2017

Professional rally pilot with AVIA racing in season 2017
Rally EM for Citroën


=> Video

HARIBO Racing Team

We medically care for: Motobox Kremer Racing   (Jan Viehmann and Manfred Kremer)
Report SPEEDWEEK Endurance WC (German)

In the motor sport season 2017 we are again partners of this teams and drivers:

Team BMW Motorsport  |  HARIBO Racing Team
Opel Motorsport  |  Suzuki Endurance Racing Team
Alzen Racing  |  Schubert Motorsport
Bentley Team ABT  |  Motobox Kremer Racing
Schmickler Performance  |   
Michael Götz (Team Haas Racing)  |  Jan Viehmann (Motobox Kremer Racing)
Marco Werner (Audi factory pilot)  |  Rene Rast (Audi pilot)
Dirk Müller (Ford pilot)  |  Norbert Siedler (Porsche and Ferrari pilot)
Katharina Lellinger (Yamaha pilot)  |  Mario Farnbacher (VLN pilot)
Christian Menzel (Bentley ABT pilot)  |  Nico Menzel (BMW pilot, VLN, 24h NBR)
Christer Jöns (Bentley ABT pilot)  |  Nico Verdonck (Bentley ABT pilot)
Christopher Brück (Bentley ABT pilot)  |  Christian Mamerow (BentleyABT pilot)
Jordan Lee Pepper (Bentley ABT pilot)  |  Tim Scheerbarth (VLN pilot)
Markus Winkelhock
(Audi pilot, Endurance World Champion)
 |  Jochen Mass
(Historic motor sports for the Daimler AG)
Lance David Arnold
(HARIBO Racing Team)
 |  Renger van der Zande
(HARIBO Racing Team)
Dominik Brinkmann (VLN pilot)  |  Tom Oster (motocross)
Karsten Krämer (VLN pilot)  |  Tatjana Hanser (VLN pilot)
Heiko Tönges (VLN pilot)  |  Albert Egbert (VLN pilot)
Hendrik Still
(Mathol Racing, Bratke Motorsport)
 |  Karina Hepperle (rallye pilot,
Rallye-WM WRC, Skydive Dubai rally team)
Sebastian von Gartzen (rally pilot)  |  Tina Annemüller (rally pilot)
Melanie Schulz (Citroën rally EM pilot)  |  Fabian Kreim (Skoda rally pilot)
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